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Now, those two items have been combined into one awesome piece of travel equipment!

The Bestek Universal Travel Adapter: No one wants to be sick or overly tired when traveling.

W There’s no more important item to a traveler than a good piece of luggage and over the years, our opinions have been split.But occasionally we’ll venture to colder climates, and when that happens, a down packable puffer jacket is a lifesaver.Uniqlo is known for having good quality products at affordable prices and this jacket is no exception.Years On List: 4 Really want to spoil your favorite traveler? Bonus Tip: make sure to get them the 256gb size instead of the smaller 128gb – it’s well worth the 0 extra. There are two types of people when it comes to Bose Noise Canceling headphones – those who swear by them and those who have never tried them.And while they are expensive, a good set of noise-canceling headphones can quickly become a traveler’s best friend when trying to relax or get some sleep during a brutal long haul flight.

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